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First Ambassador training in Croatia

1st Ambassadors training took place in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Zagreb Innovation Centre premises on the 29th of January. It gathered 17 participants from different sectors (development agencies. Energy agencies, public authorities, faculties, entrepreneurs and civil society associations).

Topics were focused on Croatian pilot financing model- crowdfunding. After the initial introducion of lecturers and participants, Mr Marko Helfrih from ZICER presented the E-FIX project, its goals and the roles of project Ambassadors.

 Later, Mr Hrvoje Maras and Mrs Tijana Šimek from REGEA, held the presentation on crowdfunding. Presentation includedfollowing topics:

  • Introduction on CF- definition, main concept, statistics
  • Stakeholders in CF campaign development and implementation
  • Models of CF
  • CF platforms in Croatia
  • Planning and implementation of CF campaigns
  • CF and energy efficiency

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